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    Outskirts, Edited by Flo Brooks (Makina Books) + Badge and Sticker

    Outskirts, Edited by Flo Brooks (Makina Books) + Badge and Sticker main photo
    'Outskirts is a social practice art project, focused on exploring the intersection between liminality and identity through visual and textual exchanges. The project invites participants to give their liminal experience a material form, and attend to the social and cultural implications of it through either publication or portrait exchange. Outskirts places emphasis on trans and gender non-conforming narratives but sees these categories as permeable, shifting, and part of a much broader network of allies, friends and conspirators. It hopes to engender creative collision and community through the process of sharing and exchanging, allowing for a more inclusive, cohesive and stimulating dialogue that reflects the ways we navigate the world we live in.
    Outskirts is published by Makina Books in September 2017 as a limited edition bookwork.' - Makina Books

    Each book comes with a Badge and Sticker

    Riots Not Diets Embroidered Patch (Distro from Tuff Enuff Records)

    "These radd little fuckers sew right on to any piece of confrontational knitwear, aggressively torn jeans, or even as elbow patches for the cord-distressed-wearing academic ragamuffin in yr life.

    They are 2.5"."

    "ho ho bloody ho, as a christmas treat and perfect stocking filler, we've re-ordered this amazing patch we made for our 2012 ghostworld night. " - Tuff Enuff